September 10, 2009

How to Write Your Life's Story by Ralph Fletcher

Title: How to write your life’s story
Author: Ralph Fletcher
Age Range: 6-12
Reviewer: Rose

From the author of A Writer's Notebook: Unlocking the Writer Within You and Marshfield Dreams, this book starts in a new way. The introduction (a must read) is about his father’s ‘Buffalo’ and his memories around it. Ralph then goes on to describe how to map out your life. He also tells you four lies about writing your life’s story. Through out the book, he includes some samples of kids’ writings, which I find necessary in a book that is for kids. Interviews with three adult authors are also included.

I enjoyed this book, although it was not too inspiring. I would really recommend it if you were looking for a book that showed you a step by step process of how to write your life’s story, however if you already knew how to write a story, this book is more for beginners.

One part that I found particularly useful was the list of multi-genre. He listed several new types that I had not come across, including weather report (describing yourself as if you were weather), recipe, and obituary. I enjoyed his metaphors and found that he really knew how to begin and end a book. I look forward to read more of his books.

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