September 13, 2009

Drawing Made Easy by E.G. Lutz

Title: Drawing Made Easy
Author: E. G. Lutz
Age Range: 7+

Reviewer: Heather

This is a great book to learn how to draw. It gives easy to follow step-by-step instructions of how to draw all kinds of things—flowers, many different animals (though some of the animals aren’t my style) people and faces, plus other random stuff. You learn using a kind of outline technique, sort of doing the outside first and going in and doing the details after the main shape has been created.
In the beginning of the book it walks you through the basics, like how to use a pencil compass, what items you need to have for a good drawing session, learning how to draw smooth curves etc. This is a good place to start.
This is a review for the 2009 edition of Drawing Made Easy, there is a previous edition that is a bit different (less learning how to draw faces and it’s shorter).
And, the 2009 edition has a foreward by James Gurney, author of Dinotopia!

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